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Save and secure

Save and secure

By using our application, you can be sure that your personal data will not leak
Save and secure

Servers all over the world

Large selection of servers worldwide in dozen countries and cities
Save and secure

Free version

Free unlimited version of the application with full functionality is available
Save and secure

Speed connection

High speed data transfer allows you to surf the Internet on any device
Save and secure

Stable online

Communication with the server won't stop until you want to do that
Save and secure

Fast and friendly support

Communication with the server won't stop until you want to do that

What our users say

Irma Cooper
Finally, I found a simple and convenient VPN application. I always use it, the speed is great. Thank you very much for the fact that you continue to develop GrizzlyVPN
Floyd Bell
I really like Grizzly VPN because it is highly secure and FAST. It’s like you got the VPN protection from public WiFi and the speed is just incredible.
Jorge Murphy
Grizzly VPN is really reliable. Easy to use, easy to connect, internet connection is pretty fast most of the time, and stable. I've tried other ones, either they are hard to actually establish a connection, or drops off a lot or takes very long to load content.
Manuel Vargas
Grizzly VPN is really helpful when I am in different places and I need a good wifi , I couldn’t find any but when a friend recommended Grizzly VPN I was so shocked that it worked really good!